She Put Her Mug In The Microwave, And Out Came CAKE! This Is Brilliant.

Fast and Easy Ready-To-Serve Desserts In Mere Minutes. . . From Your MICROWAVE!


I’ve heard of these mini-cakes you can make in your minutes, but I didn’t really believe they’d be any good. Then I popped one into the microwave, and now I’m hooked! I love how cute you can decorate them if you’re having a family gathering. My daughter and I like to share–one mug, 2 spoons. Easy clean up and no cake tempting me on the counter for the rest of the week!

1. I’m already obsessed with the Reese’s Cup flavor combo, so this Chocolatey, peanut butter goodness was right up my alley!



2. This classic chocolate cake recipe turns your microwave into a bakery!



3. Adding green tea gives a health-boosting lift to this white chocolate and raspberry dessert.



4. This baby is ready in fewer than 6 minutes. And with spiced apples topped with nuts and oats, it smells heavenly!




5. This white chocolate decadence has a melty middle of raspberry deliciousness.

sm-allcreated-white chocolate-rasberry-mug-cake


6. Pears and almonds, topped with white chocolate sauce? Umm, yes please!



7. A tasty 5-minute treat complete with chunks of Oreos. Oh. My. Gracious!



8. This right here? Proof that cranberries should not be reserved for Thanksgiving dinners! Chocolatey goodness ready in under 2 minutes.



9.  This 3-chocolate microwave brownie is secretly my favorite. (Shh! Don’t tell the others!)



credit: The Telegraph