Pressure Cooker Review Does The Testing For You

Have you ever used a pressure cooker?  Select the best one for you with this informative and money-saving Pressure Cooker Review from the pros.

Seasoned home cooks are sure to know the benefits of a pressure cooker.  It’s intense cooking that takes a fraction of the time of other methods.  These wonderful kitchen heroes have come a long way since the days of Grandma’s beans, and they are now better than ever.

Pressure cooking is a favorite of chefs because it truly does shorten cook time, but also intensifies flavor.  This also makes it a fantastic cooking option for busy families who still want great, home-cooked meals.



Before you buy, learn all the ins and outs of cooking with pressure.  America’s Test Kitchen’s reviews are a goldmine of information because they spend days upon days trying methods and equipment so that we can make the best purchasing choices. This review touches on everything you need to know.



Here’s what you want to look for when choosing a pressure cooker:
  • go for stainless steel
  • buy an 8 Qt. cooker versus a smaller model
  • look for a wider pot instead of a taller pot
  • choose a thick bottom, with the disc being as wide as the pot and the sides straight
  • look for a pressure indicator that you can see from across the room


WATCH:  America’s Test Kitchen’s Pressure Cooker Review reveals their Top Pick and their Best Buy


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