How to Pick Out the Best Christmas Tree

How to Pick Out the Best Christmas Tree

This Christmas don’t make the mistake of picking a tree that’s too big or too small, one that leans or one that just doesn’t have enough life in it. These helpful tips on how to pick out the best Christmas tree will keep the Grinch from stealing Christmas.

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Here are some tips that we think you should consider:

  • Think about the shape of tree that you want– You may want one that’s short and fat, or tall and skinny. You may want one that’s a traditional shape.
  • Preplan where your tree will go in your home– Make sure that it’s away from vents and there’s enough room for you to decorate and  put gifts around it.
  • Think about how you will decorate it – Some trees look better with certain décor. Make sure you hone in on your tree style
  • Know how you will get rid of it- Whether you recycle your tree or not, have a plan in place to toss your tree once the New Year hits.






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