Lampshade Makeovers – DIY Style!

New lampshades are one of the quickest ways to change the mood in a room. But sometimes finding the right size or color of a shade proves to be impossible. I know…cuz I’ve been looking for a new shade for a particular lamp in our den FOREVER. So, that’s why I decided it was time to paint it. And this is what I found. It’s easier than I thought! Cool! 🙂



Watch this video to learn some helpful tips on how to successfully paint your existing lampshades. This is perfect and oh so easy!

No more shopping for the perfect shade any longer…I’m gonna paint that bad boy and it’s gonna look awesome!

Just click below on his tutorial – you’ll be glad you did.

And for another great lampshade idea, check this out!

“My son gave me a vintage lamp that reminded me of Ballard’s Tasseau Lamp. I also really liked their seagrass lamp shade so I decided to make my own. I purchased a shade that I believe they refer to as a sloped or tampered drum. I already had a placemat made out of some type of rattan. After unraveling it, I hot glued it to my shade making sure that my rows stayed straight. After I finished the horizontal strips, I glued a vertical strip to cover the seams. I love how it turned out! For now, it’s in the foyer but once my office is complete, it’s new home will be on my desk!” For more on how she made this, click here and visit her blog site.



She took an old rattan placemat and upcycled it for her new lampshade. Great Idea!





Isn’t it amazing what you can do with a hot glue gun?



Lampshades are not only expensive but they come in all shapes and sizes which makes it that much harder to find the perfect match. Hence the need for these DIY ideas. You can now paint or decorate your shade to blend into your room decor without the hassle or the expense! Happy Projecting!! 🙂

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