Clever Amazon Echo Tips That You Might Not Know About

Did you get an Amazon Echo for Christmas?  Put Alexa to work with these Echo tips that will make you feel like you have a personal assistant!

One of the hottest gifts of the past couple of years continues to be the Echo.  We know loads of families, young and old, who now have this handy wizard as a new member of their household.  My Mother-in-Law received one from one of her sons, and while we had a lot of fun with it while we there visiting, I am not sure that she really knows all that it can do to help her now that we are gone.



Living With Beth has taken the time to put together a useful list of many of the things that Alexa can help you with.  I wonder if these kinds of devices might even lead to spending less time with our noses in our phones or computers.  That might be a good thing, right?



Here are some of the many Echo tips that can make your life easier:

  • Play music
  • Access Wikipedia
  • Set alarms
  • Get sports updates
  • Listen to audio books
  • Solve quick math problems
  • Get movie listings or learn entertainment trivia
  • Current news and weather
And lots more!  Living with Beth has all kinds of lists of ways that Alexa can help you.


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