DIY Snow Owl Ornaments

These snow owls look so cool on the Christmas tree. HOO wants to try this?!

Start out with cardboard toilet paper tubes painted white. This will become the owl’s body.

Next fold the sides of the tubes over each other like you see below. Don’t worry about the pointy edges; they’ll become the owl’s ears and feathers later on.

Cut out cardboard circles to use as eyes. Then glue them onto the body.

You can draw pupils onto your owl’s eyes, or get some big googly eyes at the craft store and glue them on!

Turn the owl’s body over and glue a long pipe cleaner on the back. Fold it once and glue the other end to the owl’s back to form a loop. This is how the owl will hang on your tree.

Add cardboard wings and glitter to your owl to give him some personality. Then add him to your tree!