Hide the Ugly And Cover A Box Spring With Fabric

Box springs are ugly.  If a bed skirt either won’t fit or is not your thing, why not try to cover a box spring with fabric?  This technique is a cheap and easy fix!

Some beds are not set up to accommodate a skirt, so what do you do to hide that ugly box spring?  One option is to cover it with a fabric that coordinates with your bedding or other decor.  Don’t worry though.  This trick does not require a ton of fabric because you are not covering the entire box.  Just the sides that are visible.



The Creek Line House is bringing us a complete tutorial on how she created this adorable look for her daybed.  Her process is really quite easy.   And because you are choosing your own fabric, the result will be a look that is 100% unique!



Pop on over to The Creek Line House to see the complete tutorial on how to cover a box spring with fabric.

Make sure to read the comments if your box spring is set up differently.


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