Cookies And Milk Ice Cubes? Umm, Yes Please!

If you have children or grandchildren, you’re gonna want this recipe!

All you need is an ice cube tray, milk and Oreos. That’s it! And you’ll have the most amazing treat everyone can enjoy!


LittleThings/Maya Borenstein

The steps are quite simple…trust me!

Get your ingredients ready and let’s get started!


LittleThings/Maya Borenstein

1) Put your cookies in a bowl and begin to crumble them. Or, you could put them in a ziploc bag and break apart with your fingers.


LittleThings/Maya Borenstein

2) Pour your cookie crumbles into the ice cube tray – filling each spot 1/2 full.


LittleThings/Maya Borenstein

3) Next, pour your milk in over the cookies – as full as you can!


LittleThings/Maya Borenstein

4) Now, place the tray in your freezer – very carefully!! {at least 2 hours to fully freeze}


LittleThings/Maya Borenstein

5) And, that’s it! 


LittleThings/Maya Borenstein

Remove and enjoy! Some prefer to pour coffee over for a iced oreo-coffee treat OR add to your favorite milkshake in the blender!


LittleThings/Maya Borenstein

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