Wake Up Right With Make Your Own Clean Coffee Creamer

Clean Coffee Creamer

Can you drink coffee without cream?  Not me!  Get rid of the chemicals, fats and processed sugars and make your own clean coffee creamer!

You may find that no matter how healthy your diet, you just have a hard time giving up your flavored coffee creamer.  I know it’s my dietary Achilles heel.  I think there is a sense that that creamy sweetness is just that tiny little gift to ourselves that will help us get our day started in a delicious way…before the uncontrollable madness starts.  Yes, you are right.  It’s all psychological, but boy, is it hard to say no.



My super-fit friend and exercise idol was recently telling me that she started making her own creamer and that she loves it.  And this is a woman who drinks 70% cream, 30% coffee, so she knows her creamer.  I decided to check the bottle of the flavored stuff that I drink every day, twice a day.  It’s sugar free, but still has corn syrup, vegetable oil and a bunch of chemicals that I can’t pronounce.  There’s no telling what it’s doing to my body.

I went on a hunt and found this Paleo Cinnamon Vanilla coffee creamer recipe from FitViews.  If you don’t know, Paleo eating just means only things that you can hunt or gather.  So that means no to anything processed.  FitViews uses organic ingredients to keep things pure and gives great tips on how to tweak the recipe for complete sugar free, vegan or even Whole 30 diets. I think I am going to give this one a try!  Will you join me?


allcreated - clean coffee creamer

credit: FitViews


Here are the ingredients to make your own clean coffee creamer:

  • 1 can organic canned Coconut Milk(the kind in the carton just won’t do it)
  • 1 teaspoon organic Cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon organic Pure Vanilla
  • 2 teaspoons raw local honey or organic Maple Syrup (optional)

Visit FitViews for more details and recipe options.


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