Take Baby Powder To The Beach – And Here’s Why!

A day at the beach is better than most days…well, anywhere! Except for the sand. Sand gets everywhere and seems impossible to get rid of, especially before you load everyone back in the car for the ride home.

Here’s a simple HACK to eliminate the sting in removing sand from wet hair, feet, hands, legs and just about everywhere else! Baby Powder. Plus, you’ll smell so fresh afterwards. I call that a WIN-WIN!



Basically what happens is that the baby powder removes moisture from your skin and allows for the sand to easily come off. It works on hair, feet, and legs. Once you try it, you won’t want to head to the beach without it. If you don’t like using baby powder or prefer using something more natural, you can also use cornstarch and it works just as well.

Take a minute and watch this Dad remove sand from his daughter’s feet in a matter of seconds. PLUS, her feet smell fresh as well!

HT YouTube, LifeHacker