Simple DIY Faith Printable Looks Awesome Framed!

I’ve been making framed burlap monograms to give as gifts for my friends’ wedding showers, but then I saw Amy’s adorable framed DIY burlap Faith printable and had to share it with you!

The principle’s the same no matter what you’re printing out, but I love this beautiful way to proclaim your faith in your home.

So you start with the image of what you want to print out.  If you want to make your own message, you can use Photoshop or Pixler (or Word for that matter) and just make your image the same size as your paper. Run plain paper through your printer first, and make sure everything looks ok before you put your burlap paper in. (I’ll include a video below with more detailed instructions.)

Here’s the design that Amy used.



She used burlap paper she bought at Walmart. I make my own by ironing plain ole kitchen wax paper onto burlap (or any pretty fabric I have hanging out with my craft supplies.)


Pop it into a frame and it’s ready for hanging! It’s truly that simple. We love how cute Amy‘s looks on the feature wall she started!



Here’s one I made for a friend’s wedding. (Sorry for the glare on the glass!)  This could also be a really special gift with the couple’s favorite Bible verse printed on it. Hmmmm. . . next wedding I’ll be set!


Here’s some of the AllCreated team and friends at a wedding shower. (How stinky cute is the little cutie-patootie baby in the front row?)


And here’s my cat, Natalee, snuggling up with 2 other printables I made in Photoshop. They’re awesome wedding gifts and would look great in a baby’s nursery!


Check out this video from Maryann that will explain how to print on the burlap in a little more detail. 😉

Be sure and share your own ideas (or pictures of your finished projects!) on our Facebook page! 😉
credits: a cup full of sass, Maryann Caballero