What Not To Clean With Vinegar Might Surprise You

What Not To Clean With Vinegar

Vinegar has a million uses as a natural cleaner.  But wait!  Before you pick up the bottle, you need to know what not to clean with vinegar.

How many cleaning tips have you seen that recommend vinegar as the magic ingredient?   These days,  it’s probably not that uncommon to find industrial sized bottles of the stuff in most households.  What you need to know is that there are, in fact, several messes for which vinegar is not recommended.



A Thrifty Mrs.  has put together a useful list that outlines what not to clean with vinegar, and why.   To avoid a cleaning disaster in your house, make sure you keep these “no vinegar” tips just as handy as you do all the “yes vinegar” tips!



Here is the quick list of what not to clean with vinegar:

  • Granite/Marble/Quartz
  • Egg
  • Waxed floors or furniture
  • Car
  • Smart phones/tablets
  • Stone
  • Unsealed grout

Pop over to A Mrs. Thrifty to read why.


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