17 Brilliant Hacks For Food & Family

Here are (17) brilliant kitchen and food hacks for you and your family. From making breakfast more fun to ensuring your fresh herbs last longer. All (17) ideas will make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable!

Read on and be inspired!


The Sweetest Occasion

Hack #1: Try covering the tips of your bananas with plastic wrap. This should give you a few more days to enjoy those fresh bananas!


Jill Conyers


Hack #2: I love celery but if it’s not stored properly, it too doesn’t last very long. But If I wrap it in foil, it will extend it’s life by quite a few days!


Jill Conyers

Hack #3: Freeze your cool whip in cookie cutters to make the most adorable, giant topping for your hot chocolate!


The Sweetest Occasion


Hack #4: Here’s a simple way to cut your corn off the cob. Finally! Use your bundt pan and secure the cob in the middle. This also gives your corn a great and safe place to fall!


Simple Bites


Hack #5: Put the bugs in their place (and not in your drink!) – by using cupcake liners as drink protectors. Just flip them upside down and insert your straw. Perfect!




Hack #6: Follow these simple steps to slicing your mango. FINALLY!


HLB Specialties


Hack #7: Want to grill fish that’ll taste amazing? Grill your fish laying on a bed of lemon slices. Bonus: you won’t be scraping fish off your grates.


The Mother Huddle


Hack #8: Use a spoon to peel your fresh ginger. This will ensure that very little will go to waste!


Chica and Joe


Hack #9: Ever make hash browns in your waffle maker? I haven’t but I’m gonna try now!  Click here for a video on how to perfect these waffle iron hash browns!



Hack #10: I drink A LOT of water and never without a lemon. This is just pure genius! Lemon Cubes!


Industrious Justice

Hack #11: Turn a mason jar into a salt dispenser. How clever is this? Just slice off the top from your cardboard salt container and transfer to the mason jar. And then cover with the mason jar lid (rim only)




Hack #12: Store natural peanut butter upside down. This will make it easier to stir and spread. 


The Kitchn


Hack #13: Never waste the last precious spoonful of Nutella ever again. Just add warm milk, stir and ENJOY!


Pop Sugar


Hack #14: Add some pizazz to your pancakes. Use cookie cutters for some fun and magical shapes!


DIY and Crafts


Hack #15: Put that apple cutter to work on your potatoes. It will help you make the perfect french fry! *slice off the bottom of the potato for a steadier base. 


Saucy Cuisine


Hack #16: So you’re craving tacos…but all you have are wraps. Easy. Pop then into a few coffee mugs (as you see below) and microwave for a few minutes. They’ll take the taco shape you were hoping for!




Hack #17: Fresh herbs don’t last very long. So, instead of wasting them, save them for another day using this trick. Chop and mix fresh herbs with melted butter or oil, pour into ice cube trays to preserve portions for future meals.


Seeds Now

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