Create Perfect Picture Collages With This Helpful Tip

There is nothing quite as eye-catching as a beautifully arranged picture wall. But getting all of those different sized frames up so they look just right can be a massive hassle. But with this super helpful tip you’ll never have to worry again!

All you need to get started is:

a roll of butcher paper (or any craft paper that comes in large rolls)

the frames you want to hang

a pencil or marker

painters tape

nails or screws or whatever you will use to hang the pictures

a hammer


One by one lay the picture frames on the butcher paper tracing around the edges. Once you have traced the edges make sure to write a note or number in the center of the frame outline to indicate which picture it belongs to. Then cut out your butcher paper picture frames.


Now comes the fun part! Start arranging the paper frames on the wall using the painter’s tape to hold them up. Feel free to move them around until you get a grouping that you really love.

art wall butcher paper 1


Once you have all of the butcher paper frames on the wall get hanging! Don’t bother taking the paper off the wall, just nail right through the butcher paper so you know you’re in the right place. And once your nail is secure take off the painters tape and just pull the paper off.


art wall butcher paper 2

As you start hanging your beloved art and photos one by one you’ll be so glad you took the time to plan out your display wall. Your family and friends may think you’ve gotten a professional designer to help, but don’t worry it’ll be our secret.

credit: Better Homes and Gardens