Easy Cheesy Football Cheese Plate – This Gameday Appetizer Will Be Ready in Minutes

This Football Cheese Plate Is the Easiest and Cheesiest Game Day Appetizer You’ll Ever Make!

Oh gee wiz! It’s game day and you forgot to prepare a dish. No worries, this simple and fun football cheese plate is made to look like you  put hours into it, when it only took five minutes. Everyone loves cheese and crackers, so this appetizer is a bonafide win!

Football Cheese Plate - AllCreated








1 sleeve Toll House butter crackers

1 6 ounce bar marbled Monterey Jack Cheese, cut into slices 1/4 inch thick

1 8 ounce bar sharp cheddar cheese, cut into slices 1/4 inch thick

About 12 to 15 thinly sliced pepperoni

2 slices light colored cheese like plain Monterey Jack





To assemble your  football cheese plate work your way from the inside out.

Start with a layer of cheese in the shape of a football and cover it with pepperoni.

You can design your cheese plate in lots of different ways.  But don’t be disappointed when folks are eating up your hard earned (five minutes) of work 😉



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