The Perfect Wedding Gift. DIY “First Fight Box!”

Let’s face it…having a fight with our spouse IS inevitable. So, here’s a cute way to keep it ‘light’ especially for those newlyweds. This clever box has been designed to help the young couples cope with their first disagreement in a healthy and fun way. It’s called the “First Fight Box.”

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This is a great wedding and/or shower gift and one you can know for sure will get used…because there will be a time and place when these two lovebirds will disagree. So, here’s a way you can help them out.

It’s a simple wooden box. But it doesn’t end up there – I promise!

The bride and groom each write their soon-to-be-husband and wife a love letter – sealed. Place it in the box. Add a bottle of their favorite wine. And on their wedding day, the couple seals the box together, only to be re-opened during their first real fight as husband and wife.

When that time comes…open the box…pour each of you a glass of wine…retreat to separate corners with love letter in hand. And, I promise, you’ll come back together within minutes with a fresh perspective on what’s really important…GUARANTEED!

I love this “First Fight Box” idea and sure wish I was given one when I was a newlywed! As a matter of fact, I’m going to a wedding shower next month and this just became my gift to give!

Thanks, Tickld, for an inspiring gift for all the young couples out there!


HT Tickld


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