Amputee Grandma Makes Crochet Dolls For Child Amputees

Grandma Andrea Harrison does not let her amputation get the best of her.  Instead, she uses her talents to crochet dolls and comfort children who are experiencing a similar loss.

Having lost her leg to type 1 Diabetes, Andrea knows the pain and suffering associated with the loss of a limb.  But this amazing woman does not let her loss consume her.  Instead, she crochets dolls that look like children that have also lost limbs, complete with prosthetic arms and legs.



Andrea was inspired to help when she read a story about a young girl who was having trouble keeping up with school activities after losing her leg.  Andrea asked the Mother if she could make a doll for the child.  The doll was posted to Facebook and the orders started pouring in.


allcreated - crochet dolls

credit: Metro News

Click here to read all about this amazing Grandma and her crochet dolls that look like other children and adult amputees.


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