Introducing: The ‘Cheester’ Egg, An Easter Treat Without the Sweet

The Cheester Egg for Easter Treat Without the Sweet

We all love chocolate but sometimes you want a little variety in your diet! The Cheester Egg is a perfect alternative for those who cannot have sweets or want something salty to balance out all those chocolate eggs. Originally thought of by food blogger Annem Hobson of So Wrong It’s Nom,  Cheester Eggs, or cheese eggs, are raising the bar for creative Easter snacks!


Cheester Egg for Easter Treat - cheese egg - allcreated
Thanks to Jack Rear of Pretty52 for writing about this creation.  Who would have thought that an Easter egg made from CHEESE would look so appetizing?  This is the perfect solution for those of use who love our salty fixes.  We are looking forward to adding The Cheester Egg to our list of Easter traditions!

To see how these incredible cheese eggs are created, check out the video below.

WATCH: Cheester Egg: Making Of Video