Man Recreates Simpler Times Of The 60’s With Help From Barbie!

Barbi And Ken Make A Splash And Are Reunited In Miami!

David Parise is an established photographer who longs for simpler times here in America. When strolling on the beach with your ‘hunny’ was enough. Or doing yard-work together was your saturday plan. And that’s why he’s spent the last 6 years – since the 50th Anniversary of Barbie and Ken – taking photos of his favorite ‘dolls’ and reminiscing about the ‘good ol’ days.’

Take a moment and walk down memory lane with me, won’t you?


David Parise


Since the doll’s 50th anniversary, six years ago, David has been recreating simpler days. “I was in a bookstore and saw a retrospective on her and I noticed the vintage clothing on the early ’60s dolls,” he said. “I worked in the garment industry for many years and there is a real quality in the clothing that doesn’t exist in the newer dolls. I thought they would look great with Miami as a backdrop with the Art Deco Hotels and the beautiful beaches.”


David Parise


David Parise


David Parise

David’s goal was to recreate times from around the 60’s that were (seemingly) simpler.

“I, like many, are nostalgic for those simpler times.”


David Parise

“All of us loved the glamorous and innocent fun lifestyle of the ’60s or at least what we imagined it to be,” he said. 


David Parise


David Parise


David Parise

Per David, “I just love to make people laugh and feel nostalgic. I have no serious message!”


David Parise

Thank you, David, for your time and passion in putting a smile on our face! 


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