5 Sponge Hacks For Every Room In The House

These 5 Genius Sponge Hacks Will Have You Saying “Why Didn’t I Think Of That”?

We get giddy when we find new uses for common household items.  This video of 5 sponge hacks brings us “aha” ideas for every room!



We think you are going to flip for some of these sponge hack ideas.  They can truly save you time and money, and we can all use a little more of each of those!   While there are fancy new cleaning products on the market every day, the folks at Blossom are bringing us new sponge uses that take us from the living room to the laundry room, to bathtime, to grilling time.  All using regular sponges.  We hope you can find a use for some of these tips in your own home!


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WATCH:  5 sponge hacks bring us handy-dandy new uses for an old household standby

Credit:  Blossom


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