12 Bacon Ideas. Need I Say More?

12 Bacon Recipes to Make Right Now

Let’s face it…bacon makes everything taste better. And here are 12 amazing bacon recipes for dinner, snacks or appetizers. You decide.


Tasty Bacon Recipes

#1) Grilled Cheese with a twist of bacon and guacamole. Uh- YES! Click here for this tasty bacon recipe.

bacon recipes - bacon avocado grilled cheese

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#2) Bacon-mashed potato-cheese-bombs. *All my favorite comfort foods in 1! Click here for the recipe.

bacon potato cheese bomb - bacon recipes

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#3) Caramelized nectarines with bacon. *Sounds delicious for summertime! Click here for this unique bacon recipe.


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#4) Waffle, egg, cheese & bacon sandwich!  Click here for the recipe.


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#5) Bacon and Egg Toast Cups. *So simple and so yummy! Click here for the recipe.


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#6) Peanut Butter Banana Bacon Bites!  *The perfect afternoon snack. Click here for the recipe.


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#7) Bacon, egg & cheese pancakes. *Yes, Yes, Yes! Click here for the recipe.


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#8) Bacon Pancakes. *My mouth is melting here.  Click here for the recipe.


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#9) Bacon – Cheese – Tator Tot Casserole. *My kids would love this!   Click here for the recipe.


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#10) Sweet Potato Bacon Mac-n-Cheese. *Must make this ASAP!  Click here for the recipe.


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#11) Roasted Brusells Sprouts with Bacon. *Perfect with a burger!  Click here for the recipe.


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#12) Sweet corn with bacon and jalapeño.   Click here for the recipe


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And here’s a extra one for free…but sorry no pic.

This simple dinner idea is from my own personal ‘playbook’ and my hubby LOVES it!

I call it “Chicken with Bacon and Havarti”  – clever, huh? I literally bake chicken breasts with a little butter and all-purpose seasoning (I use McCormick) – on 350 for 30 min. Then I remove chicken and lay on top precooked bacon and cover with slices of havarti cheese. Return to oven until cheese melts and serve. YUM!

For the bacon-lovers out there…you’re welcome! 🙂


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